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2023 Classes

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English for Speakers of Other Languages – Improve Your English Skills for a Better Future

BEEAS has two kinds of classes for Entry Level learners of English (Pre-Entry to Entry 3/ A1-B1) . Some give you certificates (accredited learning), and some are just for fun (informal learning). In both types of classes, you’ll get better at reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Learning English will help you improve your communication skills. And it’s not all about classroom learning! At BEEAS we like to have a good time while learning. You might visit libraries, museums, and other interesting places around where you live.

With BEEAS not only will you learn to speak English better but you’ll have the chance to make new friends and improve your well being too.

Click on the pictures to sign up to the following classes (for residents of Birmingham City Council only)

Other Current Classes

For other classes starting in September 2023, visit this page for updates.

Please note, BEEAS classes are suitable for entry level learners of English only (Pre-Entry to Entry 3/ A1-B1)

*Coming soon FULL 2023 Timetable*